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15 Adorable Animals That Can Sleep Pretty Much Anywhere

After you look at the cute animals, you’re probably going to want to take a nap.

Courtesy Scott Nuccio

With a baby on his back

Good thing I'm fluffy or else this baby would not be comfortable. These pictures of sleeping cats will make you smile. 

Young rabbit sleepsRoselynne/Shutterstock

Ears up

My ears might look like I'm listening to you, but I'm actually deep in dreamland.

Courtesy Audrey Smith

Snuggled up

The best way to sleep is snuggled up next to your sibling. Check out these facts about animals that everyone gets wrong.

sleeping two toe sloth in tree, cahuita, costa rica, central americaworldswildlifewonders/Shutterstock

Naps in the trees

The weather is great up here. 

Courtesy Kathleen Anzalone

Don't talk to me

If I sleep with my head smashed into this blanket, no one will disturb me. 

Courtesy Tabitha Wright

Protecting my little sister

I sleep with her because I (I mean she!) has nightmares sometimes. Can you spot the animals camouflaged in these pictures?

A caged hamster trying to sleep. Resmitatil/Shutterstock

Nap pile

Yes, this wall is just as comfortable as a nice squishy pillow.

Courtesy Craig DeWitt

In the ocean

This buoy is the perfect spot to snooze. 

Courtesy Malisa Nicolau

With toys

I got tired while playing with my toys. Watch out! These innocent-looking animals are actually dangerous

sleeping cow on a high mountain pasture. Alps, Italy.AS-kom/Shutterstock

Sleeping in the pasture

This spot of grass looks like a nice spot to fall asleep. 

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