13 Cartoons People With Anxiety Will Understand Instantly

Coping strategies for anxiety include rest, exercise, meditation, and limiting alcohol and caffeine, which can trigger panic attacks, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. They also suggest indulging in some humor. Which we just happen to have for you.

Most people suffer from irrational fears. But for the anxious, these turn into phobias.

Scott Arthur for Reader's Digest

The anxious have many fears, such as fear of screwing up

Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest

Persistent self-doubt is also a hallmark of anxiety

Patricia Madigan for Reader's Digest

The fact is, little things can set off an anxiety attack...

P.C. Vey for Reader's DIgest

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...Like a comment about one's appearance

Mark Heath for Reader's Digest

No doubt about it, others can drive us to distraction...

Teresa Burns Parkhurst for Reader's Digest

... And we feel anxious for perfectly sound reasons

NAF for Reader's Digest

Even the non-anxious can suddenly dome down with a terrible case of apprehension

Roy Delgado for Reader's Digest

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The anxious often believe they have a dark cloud hanging over their head and that failure is imminent

Bob Eckstein for Reader's Digest

For the people with anxiety, even good news comes with a catch

Harley Schwadron for Reader's Digest

Every once in a while, the anxious get to say, "I told you so!"

J. di Chiarro for Reader's Digest

All in all, we anxious types would much prefer it if everyone and everything just went away

Mary Nadler for Reader's Digest

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