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15 Strange Ways People Have Tried to Cheat the Carpool Lane (and Failed Miserably)

Don't have a second passenger for the HOV lane? These drivers got creative...and paid for it.


A zombie baby

The same Washington trooper who caught the Most Interesting Man in The World also shared this gem: a pale-faced baby doll with a hideous zombie grimace, dressed in pink (“It’s a girl!”) and strapped in, sans car seat. That’s deplorable safety, even for a zombie.


A pillow in a vest

First of all, even the fluffiest pillow looks nothing like the droopiest human. Second of all, this New York woman put her pillow pal in a denim vest—a vest! If you’re going to use a pillow as your fake passenger, why drape it in the one article of clothing guaranteed to demonstrate its lack of arms? This person might just make the list of dumbest criminals of all time.


Some wood… in a hoodie

What is it about a hoodie that makes people think they’ve developed the perfect human costume? Anyway, a Long Island man was pulled over for speeding, then given a second ticket for his carpool passenger’s wooden demeanor. That’s because his passenger was a wooden “dummy” in a hoodie, looking like nothing so much as a kitchen chair on the lam. Can you guess which US state has the worst drivers?


A big, cuddly teddy bear

Strike one: A 19-year-old was pulled over for driving over the speed limit. Strike two: with no insurance. Strike three: And a giant, plush teddy bear in her passenger’s seat…in the carpool lane. For all three offenses, the woman was ticketed more than $800. That’s a real boo-boo, Yogi.


A hybrid car

In Ontario, Canada, many hybrid electric cars are eligible to use the carpool lane, even when occupied by a single passenger. So long as a car displays a special “green license plate,” lone-wolf drivers may consider themselves above traffic. (This isn’t so much a “cheat” as a “brilliant incentive.”) Next, find out some more of the craziest things people have done while driving.

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