9 Funny Cat Cartoons That Every Cat Lover Will Appreciate

Get ready for some funny felines.


cat cartoonLeo Ouellette for Reader's DIgest

A cat cartoon may not be the brightest feline, but your real-life cat is actually pretty smart. This is what your pets wish they could tell you if they were able.

The collector

cat cartoonJim Benton for Reader’s Digest

If cats only knew how we really felt about their kitty litter... Did you know that you can actually train a cat to use the toilet?

Littered with genius

John Caldwell for Reader's Digest

Litter box, suggestion box, what's the difference? This is the scientific reason why your cat loves boxes so much.

Personnel issues

Scott Nickel for Reader's Digest

Hey, at least he managed to land a job, right? Much like this cat cartoon, these real-life cats actually had better jobs than you.

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Mark Heath for Reader's Digest

He's probably a Sphynx cat, one of the most popular breeds of bald, er, hairless, cats. Check out more things you never knew about cats.

Kitty Christmas

Teresa Burns Parkhurst for Reader's Digest

Who knew a cat cartoon could have such deep problems? Here's how you can decode your cat's behavior, including why he plays with things you don't want him to touch.

Cat in command

Susan Camilleri Konar for Reader's Digest

There's actually a lot of truth to this cartoon. The CIA once tried to turn cats into secret agents. It ended badly.

Bad company

Susan Camilleri Konar for Reader's Digest

Sure, these felines know how to get the job done, but we'd much rather work with these adorable office cats.

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Coffee talk with Dr. Seuss

Mark Anderson for Reader's Digest

You tell him, cat cartoon! These are the other English words that just don't rhyme with anything.

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