Quiz: Which of These Dumb Criminals Is Telling the Truth?

Was a bank robbery just 'performance art'? Did one crook have an 'evil twin' giving him a bad name? See if you can guess the truth.

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A former art lecturer at MIT was sentenced to a year  in jail for robbing  a bank. Although he admitted to committing the crime, he insisted he should not serve time.

His excuse: It was done as part of a performance art piece.  Source: masslive.com

After a Breathalyzer test showed her blood alcohol level was more than four times the legal limit, a New York State woman was arrested. But, she said, there was an explanation.

Her excuse: She suffered from auto-brewery syndrome, which meant her body created alcohol. Source: CNN

Another disputed DUI occurred in Wisconsin. The 75-year-old driver told officers he hadn’t touched a drop.

His excuse: His blood alcohol level was high because of his dinner—beer-battered fish.    Source: WISC-TV

On February 7, at 4:30 p.m., a driver was pulled over for topping 100 mph. The man, however, asked the police officer to be quick, as he was in a hurry.

His excuse: He had tickets for the Super Bowl in Santa Clara, California, and kickoff was at 6:30. Police were skeptical, since the stop 
occurred in Pennsylvania. Source: pennlive.com

When a Florida bicyclist was detained, police found crack cocaine in his pants pocket. “Wait, what?!” said the man.

His excuse: He had no idea how the crack had gotten into the pants because they weren’t his pants. The cash the cops found? Yeah, that was his, but not the drugs.    Source: Sun-Sentinel (Miami)

A Pennsylvania man was convicted of pulling off ten armed robberies. Although the heists were caught on videos that showed his face, he 
denied responsibility.

His excuse: Of course the guy in the videos looked like him. It was his “evil twin.” Source: Las Vegas Sun

So who’s telling the truth?

Let’s raise a glass to auto-brewery syndrome lady!

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