How Are These People Not Fired?! Outrageous True Stories of Dumb Employees

Note to staff: One Direction breaking up is NOT a valid reason to call in sick.

march 2016 thats outrageousNick Dauphin for Reader's Digest

Needed: Someone who will answer the phone like a normal person

New York City’s Department of Health may have a job opening soon if one of its employees doesn’t stop screwing around. 
It seems that management does not care for the fact that the twice-suspended help-line operator keeps answering IT calls by talking like a robot.  Source: New York


Can you pass a simple test? 

An Egyptian bus driver had an 
ingenious plan to beat a mandatory 
drug test: He used his wife’s urine. Nevertheless, he failed the test. He found out when his boss handed him the results and reportedly said, “Congratulations; you’re pregnant.”  Source: BBC News


Looking for a house sitter who will actually watch 
the house

A San Francisco couple got quite the surprise when they 
returned home from the Burning Man Festival last September—the house sitter they’d hired had rented out their apartment on Airbnb.  Source:


a pulse? You’re hired!

The city of New York had trouble with another employee. This one, his bosses claimed, abandoned his job when he missed 18 months of work. An administrative law judge even recommended firing the slacker when he didn’t bother 
to show up for his hearing. Turns out, the employee would have loved to have gone to work—even to the 
hearing—save for one small detail: He was dead.    Source:


Wanted: A Frank Sinatra fan

When singer Zayn Malik quit the 
British boy band One Direction last year, young women were inconsolable. How upset? An employment firm reports that companies were 
inundated with requests from female 
employees for time off while they 
recovered from the devastating news.   Source:

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