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The 60 Most Ridiculous Excuses People Actually Used to Get out of Work

"Grandma tried to poison me. Again."

llama wouldn't stop barfingNicole Fornabaio/

Sick llama

An employee couldn't come in because his llama wouldn't stop barfing.

ate cat foodNicole Fornabaio/

Tummy troubles

An employee called in sick because he ate cat food instead of tuna and was deathly ill. Still not as bad as the dumbest job applicants of all time.

stuck in the blood pressure machineNicole Fornabaio/

Stuck on you

An employee got stuck in the blood pressure machine at the grocery store and couldn't get out.

retrieving belongings from the dumpsterNicole Fornabaio/

Dumpster diving

An employee's wife found out he was cheating, and he had to spend the day retrieving his belongings from the dumpster.

broke his armNicole Fornabaio/


An employee broke his arm reaching to grab a falling sandwich.

poisoned him with hamNicole Fornabaio/

What's your poison?

An employee claimed his grandmother poisoned him with ham. Find out what bosses say the actual best way to call in sick is.

fortune-teller asked him not to step out of the houseNicole Fornabaio/

Potential brain damage

The employee said that he couldn’t come to work because his fortune-teller had asked him not 
to step out of the house or he would suffer a brain hemorrhage. 

accidentally got on a planeNicole Fornabaio/

Blowing the coop

An employee couldn’t come to work because she accidentally got on a plane. Think accepting that excuse is bad? Read these 41 ridiculous things people believed as kids.

lucky nightNicole Fornabaio/

Walk of Shame

An employee had a “lucky night” and didn’t know where he was in the morning.

funeral of his wife's cousin's petNicole Fornabaio/

Family ties

An employee had to attend the funeral of his wife’s cousin’s pet, because he was an uncle and pallbearer.

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