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15 Funniest Father’s Day Gifts You Can Buy on Amazon

You don't need to leave the house to tap into your dad's humorous side. You can buy all of these hilarious gifts on Amazon from the comfort of your own couch this Father's Day.


Dad jokes tee

His dad jokes are corny, but his outfit doesn't have to be. Trade up his plain old tees for this one that reminds everyone who the funny guy in the family is. Choose from four different colors and sizes that run all the way up to triple XL. You can also give him the gift of laughter and see if you can out-dad his dad jokes by using our list of curated dad jokes for inspiration.

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Dad bod tumbler

Don't let anyone fool you—building a "dad bod" takes serious time and effort. Applaud your dad's hard work with this funny tumbler that is getting him one beer closer to his body goals. Although great for both hot and cold beverages, we suspect he will be more likely to use it as he swigs a cold beer.

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Six pack apron

Your dad has wanted a six pack since his glory days—you'll make all of his dreams come true with this macho man apron. One size fits all so you won't have to worry about guestimating the fit. He can also throw it in the wash after grilling season is done.

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Diaper duty tool belt

Nobody wants to be on diaper duty, but this funny bundle will ensure dad is always on the schedule. It includes a canvas tool belt, safety goggles, clothespin, plastic gloves, plush poop emoji, diaper duty spinner, and funny instructions. Spoiler alert: every time you use the spinner, dad gets diaper duty!

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Emergency undies

You never know when dad will be in an underwear emergency, but your gift can have him covered. A pair of undies is conveniently compressed into a pellet that expands into full underwear with water. Goes to show, some of the best things come in small packages.

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Toilet fishing

If fishing is his passion, this fun gift will let him practice the sport without having to leave his throne. Help him relax with a mat that looks like water, toy fish, a rod, and a bowl. The gift also includes a "Do not disturb" sign that will come in handy during his next—uh—fishing expedition.

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Fart neutralizer

If your dad likes to let 'em rip—this is the gift for him. These activated charcoal pads can be placed in underpants so that they filter gas odors. The room doesn't have to suffer when his stomach is in pain thanks to this handy contraption.

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Dehydrated water

If your dad is always on your case about how you spend your money, this is the gift to push his buttons with. This gag 16-ounce can boasts that all you need to activate the dehydrated water guessed it, water! Share these money-saving Amazon hacks with your dad to make him even prouder.

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Dog paw socks

Dad is the biggest dog lover in the family and these cute socks will prove it. He can sport paws just like his best friend with these cool gag socks. Buy him a pair or two to celebrate his special bond with Fido. One size fits most.

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Pimple popper

Dad begged you to not pick your face as a teen. This gift will have him ignoring his own advice as he picks irresistible blackheads from this gag gift. The toy squirts out fake pus when you pop one of the "pimples" on the plastic nose. If your dad is into this, you'll definitely want to check out these 17 grossest toys ever made.

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