Funny Animal Names, Group by Group

A grumble of pugs, an embarrassment of pandas, a kindle of kittens! The Compendium of Collective Nouns offers the accurate but wild word for every animal pack under the sun. Here's our guide to remembering which is which.

A Grumble of Pugs

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How to remember: "I hate work," one pug grumbled to the grumble of pugs. "The boss treats us like dogs."

A Kindle of Kittens


How to remember: Our daughter browsed LOLCats on her tablet, cooing over a kindle of kittens on her Kindle.

An Embarrassment of Pandas


How to remember: The newlywed embarrassment of pandas could not mate on command—much to their embarrassment.

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A Congress of Baboons


How to remember: Q: What's the difference between the U.S. Congress and a congress of baboons? A: One is a pack of rowdy primates—and the other is a group of baboons. (Hey-oh!)

A Prickle of Hedgehogs


How to remember: Snoozing in the sun, I woke to a prickle on my cheek—it was a prickle of hedgehogs scampering all over my face.

A Bloat of Hippopotamuses


How to remember: The bloat of hippopotamuses felt bloated after lunch, but thankfully it was a short walk back to the swamp from the drive-thru.

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A Mischief of Mice

David DeLossy/Photodisc/Thinkstock

How to remember: A mischief of mice discussed how they might scam more cheese. "What if we pretend to be blind?" one said, mischievously.

A Dropping of Ducks

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How to remember: After slipping in a puddle of duck droppings, Father angrily stormed around looking for the dropping of ducks that dropped it.

A Waddle of Penguins


How to remember: After he ate all of his krill, the penguin waddled back to the waddle of penguins to try to score some more.

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A Memory of Elephants


How to remember: They say an elephant never forgets. But a memory of elephants never forgets to smell awful.

A Flamboyance of Flamingos


How to remember: Flamboyantly, the flamboyance of flamingos fluttered into the fairgrounds, flopping their feet and flipping their feathers.

A Bouquet of Hummingbirds


How to remember: My wife thought she was getting a bouquet of flowers for Valentine's Day, but I'm much more creative than that. When she unwrapped her gift—boom!—a bouquet of hummingbirds. Nailed it.

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A Whoop of Gorillas


How to remember: Our seats were right on the fifty-yard line, but unfortunately we were near an annoying whoop of gorillas whooping for the other team.

A Dazzle of Zebras

Anup Shah/Digital Vision/Thinkstock

How to remember: "Dazzle me!" Britney told the dazzle of zebra dancers as they unpacked their sequins and clomped on the stage behind her.

A Raft of Otters


How to remember: We were rafting downriver when a raft of otters capsized our boat. "You otter know we don't take kindly to strangers," their tiny chief barked at us. Even while wet, it was hard not to laugh.

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A Concerto of Crickets


How to remember: It was a beautiful July night, perfect for a concert by a concerto of crickets. Unfortunately they were too tiny to lift their heavy instruments, so we demanded our money back.

A Blessing of Unicorns


How to remember: A blessing of unicorns pranced across the rainbow, until one sneezed pixie dust all over his friends. "Bless you," the blessing brayed.

A Wisdom of Wombats

Mark Nolan/Getty Images

How to remember: I once stumbled upon a whole wisdom of wombats in the woods. They were quietly puffing on homemade corncob pipes and discussing Walden.

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An Aurora of Polar Bears


How to remember: We weren't able to see the aurora borealis in Alaska, but at dawn an aurora of polar bears gave us a kiss good morning. So that was almost as special.

A Scurry of Squirrels


How to remember: First, just the one squirrel scurried onto our blanket. But then an entire scurry of squirrels scurried up to us. We never got to finish our picnic because we ran away.

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