We Dare You Not to Smile at These 25 Adorably Funny Baby Pictures

Consider your day made!

Pizza party!

We know you’ll be laughing and smiling after looking through these baby pictures. Parents captured their little kiddos at the funniest moments and posted them on Instagram with the hashtag, #funnybaby. Babies aren’t afraid to show their true feelings, and whether it’s reacting to a new food, protesting bath time, trying to get out of the outfit you just put them in, or just responding to what you say, they’ll show it on their face. These photos are proof that you should always have your camera ready when raising kids because you never know when they are going to bust out a funny face.

Baby tunes

What did you just ask me to eat?!

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I don't like bath time

Baby giggles

No more tickling!

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Do I look like a cute duck now?


Can I have my lunch now, please?

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Fist bump

Big blue eyes

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Sleepy baby

I have a plan

Fishy lips

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He proposed!

I don't know about that, Mom

Wind in my hair

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You got me this dressed up just to sleep through church?!

I'm tired of the baby talk, Mom


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Walk time

This glass is yummy

This water is a little chilly

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Too sour!

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