Funny Clicks: Shark Cat Rides a Roomba, Infomercial Fails, More

Hey! Did you know we have a Facebook page dedicated to the funny stuff we just found sitting around the Internet, gathering digi-dust? Well, we do! Think of it as a big online yard sale, except everyone there is wearing a clown nose and has a bunch of kittens in their pants.

In case you missed it, here’s a sampling of the funniest stuff we found around the web last week:

Titanic Retold
There are two sides to every story. Little did historians know, there was another epic romance unfolding on April 15, 1912, right before the RMS Titanic rudely rammed that iceberg into the sea. Web comic sinks the myth.

Life Is Hard
Especially if you live in the private hell of Any Infomercial Household. Photo sharing site Imgur supplied this animated compilation of 41 infomercial actors failing at life (with hilarious results.) Watch any of these next time your tube of saran wrap gets uppity, and feel better about life, instantly.

Here’s 38 more of these.

Further Proof That Cats Are Evil Geniuses
Cats must’ve invented the Internet, because they’ve got this thing on lockdown.

Exhibit A: this popular Reddit image of one such feline duping his doggy elder…

Exhibit B: A cat finds cone-meraderie with another household fixture…

And, Exhibit C: A cat dressed as a shark chases a duckling on a Roomba.

Time to shut down the Internet, boys. It’s not gonna get any more clicky than this.

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