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15 Funny Limericks Only Clever People Will Get

Fancy a short one?

Love them or hate them, funny limericks can definitely be good for a laugh (or groan). These five-line poems with a very specific rhyme scheme might seem silly—because, well, they often are—but sometimes, they can be surprisingly profound! These funny limericks use their bouncy rhyme scheme to explore concepts like math, science, and philosophy. They're still jokes, sure, but with a riddle-ish flair to them! And speaking of, see if you can solve 25 of the hardest riddles ever.

Get ready to giggle...and think!


Gasman Named Dieter

A forgetful old gasman named Dieter, / Who went poking around his gas heater, / Touched a leak with his light; / He blew out of sight— / And, as everyone who knows anything about poetry can tell you, he also ruined the meter.

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Runner Named Dwight

There once was a runner named Dwight / Who could speed even faster than light. / He set out one day / In a relative way / And returned on the previous night.


An Amoeba Named Max

An amoeba named Max and his brother / Were sharing a drink with each other; / In the midst of their quaffing, / They split themselves laughing, / And each of them now is a mother.

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Old Girl of Genoa

There was an old girl of Genoa / And I blush when I think that Iowa; / She's gone to her rest, / It's all for the best, / Otherwise I would borrow Samoa.

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Lady Named Ferris

There once was a lady named Ferris / Whom nothing could ever embarrass. / 'Til the bath salts one day, / in the tub where she lay, / turned out to be Plaster of Paris.

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The Star Violinist

The star violinist was bowing; / The quarrelsome oarsmen were rowing. / But how is the sage / To discern from this page: / Was it piglets, or seeds, that were sowing?

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Writer Named Bing

A magazine writer named Bing / Could make copy from most anything; / But the copy he wrote / of a ten-dollar note / Was so good he now lives in Sing Sing.


Oyster from Kalamazoo

An oyster from Kalamazoo / Confessed he was feeling quite blue. / For he said, "As a rule, / When the weather turns cool, / I invariably get in a stew."

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There once was a girl in the choir / Whose voice rose up hoir and hoir, / Till it reached such a height / It went clear out of seight, / And they found it next day in the spoir.

Girl in the Choir

Some of these funny limericks might need a double take! Seriously, why do words that are spelled so differently rhyme?!

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