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20 Love and Marriage Cartoons That Are Hilariously Accurate

Can you relate to these cartoons about the reality of romance?

John Grimes for Reader's Digest

Mutually assured destruction

The best kind of pact is one that involves minimal work. These hilarious work cartoons will help you get through the week.

"Fax this until you get a yes." cartoonCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Incoming fax

That's probably not the most romantic option.

P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

The expert is in

A marriage can only survive if you split up the responsibilities.

Wedding video, take thirty-six cartoonCartoon Resource/Shutterstock


Thirty-sixth time is the charm?

Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest

Love is funny

Their children are named Bonkers and Liposuction. Here's more marriage advice from couples who've been married 50+ years.

Cartoon ‘Lovers Lane, leading to Marriage Cul-De-SacGareth Cowlin/Shutterstock

The road to saying "I do"

How many more miles until we turn?

Steve Smeltzer for Reader's Digest

Love is war

Retreat! Retreat!

Cartoon about DivorceGareth Cowlin/Shutterstock

Status update

Are you sure you didn't block me?!

P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

Couples' party

You know you're a close couple when you love (and hate) the same people.

"I know. Let's get a tattoo together." cartoonCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

What should we do next?

There's no room left.

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