Misspellings Give Old Movies New Life on Tumblr

From “Removies”

All it takes is the removal of one letter to make a movie title take on a whole new meaning. Examples? Delete the “k” from Kill Bill and you’ve got a story about food poisoning. Drop the “p” from Jurassic Park and you’re left with one biblical dinosaur flick. Nix the “e” from Dawn of the Dead and boom: a tale of terrible fathers-in-law.

Intrigued by this idea, the geniuses over at Removies decided to create movie posters based on these misspelled monikers. Each colorful poster features a new catch phrase that corresponds to the remixed title.

Inspired, I decided to come up with a few of my own titles, based on some 2012 releases:

Beats of the Southern Wild: A young DJ tries to break into the country music scene.
The Huger Games: An illiterate, overweight post-apocalyptic hero is chosen to compete in a series of deadly eating contests.
Moo-rise Kingdom: A herd of cows take over planet Earth.

Can you think of any movies that would sound funnier misspelled?

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