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14 Old Age Cartoons That Make Getting Older a Bit More Bearable

If laughter keeps you young, then these cartoons may be the ticket to getting older gracefully.

NAF for Reader's Digest

The Grim Retweeter

The body may decay, but the Internet is forever.

Harley Shwadron for Reader's DIgest

The coast is clear

It was worth the wait. Check out these cartoons about family life that'll make your relatives seem less crazy.

"I haven't taken a day off since old media was new media."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Old media

Reading things in print is so much better than staring at a screen.

john caldwellJohn Caldwell for Reader's Digest

The rest of the story

And she retired happily ever after.

Randy Glasbergen for Reader's Digest

Technological advancements

As humans get older, we somehow become more and more like machines. Here are 23 more cartoons technophobes can appreciate.

P.C. Vey for Reader's Digest

Those were the days

And the I Heart NY shirts only said, "I Like NY."

Ralph Hagen for Reader's Digest

She knows best

Don't forget the chocolates, either! You'll get a kick out of these other love and marriage cartoons that are hilariously accurate.

"I just felt the good cholesterol kick the bad cholesterol."Cartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Eating right

Every little win is a victory.

Dan Reynolds for Reader's Digest

Invasive surgery

Some people will do anything to look younger, including getting rid of a few extra eyes.

dressing roomJohn Grimes for Reader's Digest

A great idea

Shopping would be much less stressful if these really existed. Check out these 16 other cartoons people with anxiety will understand.

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