Pooches Pose for Doggone Funny Pics

Can I get hair and makeup, please? (Photo via funnyordie.com)

I have a guinea pig, and it’s arguably the most serious beast I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s more likely to keel over of a heart attack than show any affection should you try to pet it.

On the other hand, every dog I have ever known is an attention hound, which is why you’ll never see one that’s camera-shy. They’re poseurs, if you will. “Taking picture of moi? Allow me to strike a pose.”

Funny Or Die has compiled photos of dogs striking ridiculous poses. Whether or not they meant to look ludicrous we’ll leave up to you. Funny or Die posits that these clowns of the animal kingdom simply do not know how to pose. I have the opposite takeaway. I think they know exactly what they’re doing: worming their way into our hearts.

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