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Can You Tell If These Funny Words Are Real or Made Up?

All of these words sound pretty silly, but only some of them are genuine, honest-to-goodness components of the English language. Can you figure out which ones?


Is this a real word?

Made up

Nope—you won't find "tupacase" in any dictionary.


What about "pronk"?



This is a real word! "Pronk" is a verb that describes a form of leaping, traditionally by four-legged animals, with an arched back and using all four legs. It comes from an Afrikaans word meaning to show off or to strut. Check out the surprising origins of some more common words, too.


How about this one?



"Bumfuzzle" is a real word! It's a verb that means to confuse or fluster—similar to the equally funny, but better-known, "bamboozle." This is the reason some words sound funny in the first place.


Is this wacky word real?



"Taradiddle" is not, in fact, taradiddle! That's because this word means nonsense or bogus.


Would you find this one in a dictionary?

epiphinot made

Made up

Bill Bouldin of the Del Rio News-Herald actually invented this one as a joke-word, a pun of "epiphany" and "not." In a perfect world, this "word" would mean an idea that the person who came up with it thinks is brilliant, or even an epiphany, when it is, in fact, not. Check out the full list of funny made up words we wish were real.

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