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41 Hilarious Things People Actually Believed as Kids

We asked you, and you answered: Enjoy some of the funniest, most bizarre things you believed were true when you were little.

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Spit 'em out

I believed that if I ate a watermelon seed, a watermelon would grow in my stomach. —Michelle Bradbury

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Back in the day

I believed that people in the past lived in a black and white world because old pictures were only black and white. I even asked my mom how she had a favorite color when she was little, since the only colors to choose from were black and white. —Marianne Baring. Also read these true stories that show just how hilarious parenting is.

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In stitches

I believed that if I played with my belly button I would pop open. I thought that is where we were sewn together. —Cherith Kintigh

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Asparagus rex

I believed that asparagus was made from dinosaurs. The green color of the dinosaur I often saw in a TV commercial and the color of my mom’s asparagus casserole all jumbled together. —LaVerne Cash

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Teaching for a living

I believed that all teachers lived at school. I thought they slept in the classrooms and never went to the bathroom, EVER! —Nadia Cavagliere. Check out more hilarious classroom stories guaranteed to make you laugh.

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Monster bus

I believed that school buses ate the little kids that got on them every morning. I always saw them get picked up, but was never there when they got dropped off. —Patricia Greig King

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The world keeps spinning

I believed that the clouds floating away were actually the earth rotating. —Uma Devanalli. Get a look at some of the funniest things kids have said about nature.

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The stereo people

I believed that when my Dad played the stereo the people singing lived inside of it. I was always curious where they slept, went to the bathroom, and ate. I wanted to pry the speaker open to look inside, but I knew that would get me in a lot of trouble. —Melissa Yingst

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I believed that lightning came from the flash of a huge camera in the sky. So, every time I saw lighting I would smile really big. —Jiem Jayno. Don't miss these quotes about happiness that will make you smile.

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Dairy funny

I believed that white cows made white milk and brown cows made chocolate milk. —Stacy Viskocil Stroud

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