21 Signs You Know You’re a Mom of Boys

You've considered wearing a gas-mask on laundry day—and other signs you're definitely raising sons.

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Movie Mama

starwarsLucasfilm Fox Kobal REX Shutterstock/shutterstock

You've seen Star Wars more times than George Lucas has. If this sounds like you, share these silly Star Wars jokes with your family.

Fight Club

skinmartin bowra/shutterstock

You've heard yourself say, "Stop using your wart as a weapon!" Parents of young kids will get a laugh from (and relate to) these hilarious tweets from parents.

Bonding 101



You get more than a grunt and feel you're having a heart-to-heart. Here's the scientific reason the mother-child bond is so strong.

Creepy Crawlers

You've been handed a worm to hold (bonus points if it was dead).

Hockey Home
hockeyPaolo Bona/shutterstock

You know there's a hockey channel, and you actually pay extra for it.

Mind Your Manners


Your idea of good manners is no fart jokes at the table. Here are the etiquette rules every parent should teach their child.

Food for Thought


Your fridge contains the holy trinity: bacon, pickles, hot sauce. If you're worried about your son's eating habits, try these yummy-but-healthy snacks.

Dino Queen
dinosaurEugene Regis/shutterstock

You know a stegosaurus from a spinosaurus.

Curious Cups
cupMyImages Micha/shutterstock

You've found an athletic cup in every room in the house. And naturally posted photos of them.

Fencing for Beginners

There's nothing in your house that hasn't at some point been turned into a sword.

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