19 Funny Christmas Gifts People Actually Received

If you thought the loot under your tree was bad, be thankful you never received any of these funny Christmas gifts.

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Electric Bug-aloo

Electric-Bug-alooVia Amazon.com
"I know my best friend meant well when she gave me an electric bug vacuum, because she knows how much I hate insects. You trap a bug in one end of a tube, then press the trigger to suck the bug into wherever part collected the dead bodies. The whole idea grossed me out so much I never even opened the box!" –Beth Weinhouse (Avoid the unintentionally funny Christmas gifts by learning science-backed ways to give a meaningful present.)


"Not sold in stores!"

FleeceVia Amazon.com
"One of my relatives is known for giving horrible gifts, and the year I was 16 I got a plain fleece blanket—the type that rolls up for easy transport. Clearly, I wasn't thrilled, so I tried to return it. Well, that failed when customer service told me the blanket hadn't been sold in stores... for three years!"  –Alyssa Jung  (Follow these 10 gift-giving etiquette rules to make sure you don't get a reputation for giving funny Christmas gifts.)

"Cousin Nancy, you shouldn't have"


TieVia Amazon.com
"Every Christmas, cousin Nancy sends a box of holiday surprises: rice pasta (I am gluten intolerant), bars of Ivory soap, or perhaps Trail Mix. But this trout tie? Yes, Nancy remembered that I love to fish, but it's as ugly as sin. I haven't had the nerve to wear it for 15 years, yet I put it on now so you don't think I'm making the story up." –Fran Lostys (If you're at a loss for what to give, go with these 13 crowd-pleasing gift exchange ideas instead of resorting to funny Christmas gifts.)


Just brush 'em off and saddle up

BootsVia Amazon.com
"Someone gave me pair of used red suede cowboy boots. And, they came with authentic dust." –Barbara O’Dair

When a joke goes way too far

NecklaceVia Amazon.com
"My ex-boyfriend used to call me 'Larry' as a joke instead of 'Perri.' For the holidays one year, he gave me a Tiffany's robin's-egg blue box. Exciting! Inside, I found a beautiful, initial necklace...but an 'L,' for Larry. I tried wearing it, but it was too hard to explain why the pricey jewelry had the wrong letter. To this day, I'm still in search of a best friend whose name starts with an L so I can pass it along." –Perri O. Blumberg (Don't make the mistake of giving these other 14 unintentionally funny Christmas gifts that send the wrong message.)

Slightly creepy Bedtime Barbie


BarbieVia Amazon.com
"Christmas 1993 was the season for this popular gift—if you dabbed Barbie's eyes with water, they would magically open and close—and that year I received four of them from various friends and relatives." –Caitlin O' Connell (Next time her relatives should go with these 11 non-toy gifts for kids.)

I thought it was a back massager


BreadVia Amazon.com
"A few years ago, my sister tore into a present from our parents and saw 'deep knead' on the box. 'Is this what I think it is?' she excitedly exclaimed, tearing the final piece of paper off to reveal... a bread maker."  –Drew Scarantino (Guess she'll have to stick with these 17 tricks for the best self-massage.)

Easy come, easy go


PuppyAlena Kravchenko /Shutterstock
"I was given the greatest gift a child could ever hope for: a puppy. And then it became the worst when I had to give it away shortly thereafter because my family and I were horribly allergic to it. Talk about a total bummer!" —Lauren Gniazdowski (Find out why all kinds of allergies are on the rise.)

Batteries not included?

SockVia Amazon.com
"I once got a Christmas gift list that included socks that are warmed by batteries. –Michael Hipwell (Here's how to keep hands and feet warm without the fancy socks.)

The gift that keeps on giving

LaundryMoozartae /Shutterstock
"A very nice sweater that someone had worn, stained, and regifted to me." —Belinda M., Orangeville, Pennsylvania (Not that regifting is always bad. Check out these 7 clever ways to regift without hurting anyone's feelings.)

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