The Fiscal Cliff Explained… with LEGO Bricks

When explaining complex issues, it’s important to not get mired in the details. And what better way to illustrate a point than with everyone’s favorite childhood toys: LEGO bricks, superhero figures, and a stuffed Clifford (with a hand grenade around his neck)?

That’s exactly what Felix Salmon, Reuters’ excitable financial blogger, proved with his latest video, a thorough yet understandable and highly entertaining run-down of the players and scenarios involved in the fiscal cliff crisis.

In Salmon’s reenactment, Batman and Superman (Speaker of the House John Boehner and President Obama, respectively) must defend the American economy from Clifford, the Big Red Fiscal Cliff, and his deadly “austerity grenade.” Boehner and Obama will eventually have to come to terms on an agreement. In the meantime. we look forward to more of Salmon’s creative explainers.


The Only Fiscal Cliff Guide You’ll Need This Holiday Season

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