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Trivia Quiz: How Well Do You Know Your Olympic Mascots?

It wouldn't be the Olympics without the wacky mascots that symbolize each of the Games. How many can you identify?

1. Who Is This?

Hint: This multi-colored, striped dachshund was the first official Olympic mascot.

It's Waldi, from the 1972 Munich Games!

Fun Fact: The Munich Olympic marathon course was designed to look just like the outline of Waldi.

2. Who Is This?

Hint: This animal is native to this Olympic's host country—and represents hard work, a trait often associated with this nation.

It's Amik, from the 1976 Montreal Games!

Fact: "Amik" means beaver in the Algonquian language, the most widely spoken language of the American Indians in Canada.

3. Who Is This?

Hint: This mascot was the first to achieve mass merchandising success—he was turned into a stuffed animal, featured on TV shows, had his own cartoon books, and more.

It's Misha, from the 1980 Moscow Games!

Fun Fact: During the closing ceremonies, this bear appeared with a tear in its eye, mourning the end of a successful Games.

4. Who Is This?

Hint: This mascot is the national bird—and beloved symbol—of the host country.

It's Sam, from the 1984 Los Angeles Games!

Fun Fact: This bald eagle mascot was designed by Bob Moore, a Disney artist who also designed the Walt Disney commemorative stamp, and served as the head of publicity at the company for 30 years.

5. Who Is This?

Hint: This friendly tiger was chosen to symbolize the hospitable nature of the people of the host country. The public sent in suggestions for its name, and one was chosen as the winner.

It's Hodori the Tiger, from the 1988 Seoul Games!

Fun Fact: In the original design there were actually two mascots—two nearly identical tigers—but Hodori was the more popular of the two and ended up going solo in the final designs.

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Originally Published in Reader's Digest