What the Royal Baby Can Learn From These YouTube Babies

These viral tots spent their youth in the public eye; what life advice might they have for Kate Middleton and Prince William's royal bundle of joy?

"Enjoy the little things...

...You'll have all the wealth in Britain at your disposal, but don't blow it on toys or ponies. Two words, chap: torn paper. Seriously, you gotta try this stuff. If you're ever having a bad day, just ask dad to rip up the Magna Carta. You'll be feeling spit-spot in no time."

"Friends come in all shapes...

...especially dog-shape. I mean, you'll probably have palace servants to lick you and stuff, but you should never underestimate the joy of a good doggy tongue-bath. Preferably by corgis."

"Mom and dad are gonna force some unpleasant things on you…

...But it's usually for your own well-being, even if it doesn't taste that way. Oh—except lemons."

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"Learn to mug for the camera...

...because they'll be there your entire life. Give the people what they want—no more, no less—and they'll love you forever! And every celebrity knows more love = more ice cream. Just don't sign any deals with Reality TV execs…it isn't worth it."

"There's nothing like a private concert to help those peas go down…"Mom and dad are gonna force some unpleasant things on you…

Your country may have invented The Beatles, but forget those dudes—nobody gets you like your family gets you, and you will remember these intimate kitchen performances forever. 'Specially if Mommy gets permission to upload to YouTube."

"Stay amazed with life while you can...

...because youth, like bubbles, disappears quickly. With all the power and responsibility around you, yours will probably feel even quicker. Just try to laugh more than you cry. Sure, tough advice to follow when you have no basic cognizance, but you'll get it someday. See you on The Internet!"

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