Winter Problem Solved: How to Warm Those Cold, Cold Hands

I hate being cold. You hate being cold. We all hate being cold. And what is, in my humble opinion, the most annoying part of being cold? Freezing hands. They’re the worst, right? I Googled “How do I stop my hands from freezing all the time in the winter,” and poked around a bit.

Perhaps you’ll share my enthusiasm for this handy (!) Zippo portable hand warmer that holds the heat for up to 12 hours. So much for drinking nine cups of tea I don’t even want just so I have something warm to wrap my hands around.

And then there’s the whole issue of using a smartphone when you’re outdoors. Take my gloves off to answer a text? Really? Do I have to? Well, problem solved, thanks to these nifty “smartphone gloves” from OnTip.

And here are three more simple, old school ways to guarantee warm, dry hands.

1) Always carry an extra pair of gloves. Whether you stow a pair in your car or leave a pair in your desk at work, savvy hands always extra gloves at the ready. advises this since our go-to gloves often become wet and many people forget back ups.

2) Know this glove-less trick. Here’s another great recommendation from, one that skiiers often turn to: “Keeping your arm straight, ‘throw’ your arm into a vigorous arc, forward and backward. The idea is to use centrifugal force to send the warm blood from under your arms (one of the warmest places on the body) down to your fingers. You’ll get moderate, temporary relief from chilly fingers by swinging your arms forward and backward for a few minutes.”

3) Try this breathing exercise to cure cold hands and feet in bed. From “Lie on your left side or on chest and relax all your body muscles. Breathe only through the nose. “

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