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50 Work Cartoons to Help You Get Through the Week

Beyond Dilbert: Take a break at the office and laugh with our collection of Reader's Digest cartoons about work and office life.

Moral ChartCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Morale chart

High morale has to equal high sales.

Team buildingCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Team building

We're not sure this was the best exercise.

TimelinesCartoon Resource/Shutterstock


Yeah...we're going to need an extension. Need a break? These Christmas cartoons will make you chuckle at any time of year.

Black smokeCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Black smoke

Maybe we should call in the experts?

C. S. Calvert for Reader's Digest

For Your Benefit

Trust us.

Friendly emailCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Friendly email?

Sometimes sarcasm is the only way to get through the workday.

Dave Carpenter for Reader's Digest

This Office Is A-Maze-Ing!

If you get lost, call HR. Don't miss these hilarious excuses people actually used to get out of work.

work life balanceCartoon Resource/Shutterstock

Work-life balance

Hmmm, we wonder what it's like there.

J.C. Duffy for Reader's Digest

Dogtor's Dilemma

At least he's honest. These doctor cartoons that will make you laugh through the pain.

John Caldwell for Reader's Digest

Please Hold...

What about unplugging it and plugging it back in? Try these funny work jokes to defuse awkward situations.

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