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World Records in Every State That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind

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Alabama: The biggest bubble ever blown


Mom might have told you to stop playing with your bubble gum, but Chad Fell from Alabama never listened. Instead, he kept practicing and eventually blew the biggest pink bubble ever, coming in at 50.8 cm (that's 20 inches, for reference) at Double Springs High School in Winston County, Alabama. How did he pull it off? Simple: just a mere three pieces of Dubble-Bubble gum.

Alaska: Largest collection of four-leaf clovers

World-Records-in-Every-State-That-Will-Absolutely-Blow-Your-MindJadet Poonsittichok/Shutterstock

When you're waiting for an outdoor concert to begin or lounging on a blanket, enjoying a picnic with pals, you might get distracted by grass. As a childhood launching pad, those green blades could help you whistle, reveal dirt, and of course, bring the luck of the Irish, via the prized four-leaf clover. One Alaskan man, Edward Martin Sr., never stopped searching for that pot of gold. He achieved the world record for the largest collection of four-leaf goodies, coming it at 111,060. Talk about luck! Here are 20 other incredible true stories that will change the way you think about luck.

Arizona: Most tattoos in 24 hours by a single artist

World-Records-in-Every-State-That-Will-Absolutely-Blow-Your-MindDavid Tadevosian/Shutterstock

Proudly rocking that inconspicuous tat you got a few days after your 18th birthday celebration? While most people only dabble with tattoos, some allow them to be the art that depicts their life, using their body as a canvas. And the Michelangelo of these creations? Tattoo artists, of course. In fact, one artist in Arizona, Hollis Cantrell is so handy with the needle that he managed to tat 801 tattoos in 24 hours. Before you get a tattoo, make sure you ask these questions.

Arkansas: Greatest number of layers in a layer cake

World-Records-in-Every-State-That-Will-Absolutely-Blow-Your-MindAfrica Studio/Shutterstock

For your daughter's birthday or just because it's Friday and you need sugar, baking a layered sheet cake is the easiest way to whip up a baked goodie. But if you're going to be a record holder, you have to think bigger than two circle pans with a tub of frosting in between. In Arkansas, one talented baker, Jayn Parenti pulled off 230 layers at the Springdale Country Club. Wonder how many people got a slice of that cake?

California: Fastest 100 meters on a skateboard by a dog


The coolest world record in the Golden State isn't even held by a human, but by a four-legged wonder appropriately named, Jumpy... the Dog! On the set of Officially Amazing in Los Angeles, Jumpy flew through 100 meters on a skateboard in just 19.65 seconds. Go Jumpy!

Colorado: The largest gathering of people wearing false mustaches

World-Records-in-Every-State-That-Will-Absolutely-Blow-Your-MindJiri Hera/Shutterstock

A staple at every photo booth at weddings is the infamous fake mustache. But no matter how many people are on the guest list, they probably can't beat the world record set by the Denver Broncos at the University of Colorado Health. Here, they gathered 6,471, all wearing pseudo-mustaches to earn their call to fame. Don't miss these funny mustache styles you never heard of.

Connecticut: The world's largest wedding cake

Dance your heart away at your best friend's wedding so hard that you need two slices of cake to keep you going? We feel ya. But if you want say, 200 slices, you'd need a massive cake to get that sugar high. Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut took home the prize for the world's largest wedding cake at the New England Bridal Showcase. Just how big was it? Big: coming in at 15,032 pounds.

Delaware: Oldest woman to cross America by bicycle


Known for its pretty beaches, Delaware is an ideal place to ride a bike. Or, you know, set out on the journey of a lifetime at the age of 67. For Lynnea C. Salvo, who holds the world record for the oldest person to cross America by bicycle, it was quite the experience. She rode from Oceanside, California to Bethany Beach, Delaware, covering 3,163 miles.

Florida: Largest pitcher of sangria

World-Records-in-Every-State-That-Will-Absolutely-Blow-Your-MindMarcel Kriegl/Shutterstock

There's no doubt that the Sunshine State is hot, hot, hot. With temperatures on the beach rising upwards of 100 degrees on the steamiest days of summer, there's nothing quite as refreshing as a cold beverage to cool off. So it's probably no surprise that the largest pitcher of sangria was made by the staff at Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant in Tampa. It could serve a wedding party, coming in at 9-feet tall and consisting of wine, chopped fruit, brandy, and some added sweetener.

Georgia: Longest golf cart

World-Records-in-Every-State-That-Will-Absolutely-Blow-Your-Mind7th Son Studio/Shutterstock

A popular pastime in Georgia—after watching or playing football—is golfing. With plenty of lush lawns and inexpensive tee-times, it's a friendly and competitive way to pass those Southern days. To bring all their buddies along (and hey, to earn a world record!) the folks at Mike's Golf Carts in Perry, Georgia, created the longest golf cart. It measures 31 feet, 6.74 inches bumper to bumper.

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