20 Bread Puns for the Next Time You Want to Loaf Around

Check out our fresh-baked collection of hot cross puns! All buns intended!

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Trophy case

BreadTATIANA AYAZO /RD.COMThe Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame is filled with breadwinners. (Check out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio and the other best family travel destinations in every state.)

High society

BreadTATIANA AYAZO /RD.COMThe most sophisticated bread is always the upper crust.

Here's how to get better at writing puns, from a competitive punner.

Rebel, rebel

BreadTATIANA AYAZO /RD.COMRadical bakers are always going against the whole grain. (Here are 30 ways to get more fiber in your diet.)


Loose change

BreadTATIANA AYAZO /RD.COMThe baker didn't get why the banker always wanted to pump'er nickels. (Don't miss the carbs you should never cut from your diet.)


Crazy times

BreadTATIANA AYAZO /RD.COMThe kitchen plans were always going a-rye. (Check out this chef's advice for making the perfect Reuben sandwich.)


Poor thing

BreadTATIANA AYAZO /RD.COMThe chef's assistant asked for a rolling pin, but was told to not be so kneady.

Heavyweight champ

BreadTATIANA AYAZO /RD.COMThe boxer ordered his favorite lunch again—a knuckle sandwich. (Don't miss these 20 recipes for outrageous ice cream sandwiches.)


Such a flirt

Tatiana Ayazo/Rd.comCareful when you compliment a chef's hot buns—they might bake it the wrong way!


Tattle tale

BreadTATIANA AYAZO /RD.COMHis little bro looked scared when he handed him his plate and said, "your toast." (Don't miss these unique school lunches for the kid who hates sandwiches.)


Lovers' quarrel

BreadTATIANA AYAZO /RD.COM"You deserve butter," he said and she replied, "You bread my mind." (Check out these easy romantic dates you can plan in five minutes.)

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