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    Cute Dogs for President!

    We paired up patriotic puppy pictures with funny quotes from America's leaders.

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    Funny Photos: Dogs in Sunglasses

    Doggone hilarious: Our readers sent in the funny dog photos, and we provided the celebrity quotes thought bubbles.

    Photo Essay: Sound and Vision

    Ever been inside a guitar? A team of German art directors and photographers commissioned to make an advertising campaign for...

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    Chubby: A Dog Long Gone

    It’s common these days for memoirs of childhood to concentrate on some dark secret within the author’s ostensibly happy family.

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    Digital Cameras 101: How to Take Pictures Like the Pros

    Digital cameras may seem complicated but these easy tips will have you taking pictures like a pro in no time.

    4 Funny Decorating Photo Backstories

    Ever notice that photos in home catalogs always include an overly twee prop or two? Comedian Molly Erdman decided they...

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    4 Ways of Looking at a Bubble

    These stunning photos will change the way you think about a simple bubble.

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    Cute Friend Quotes Between Cats and Dogs

    Who says cats and dogs can't get along? These readers' pictures prove Fido and Fluffy can be best friends, too.