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11 Great Ideas That Went Horribly Wrong

Word to the wise: Don't rob a bank while disguised as yourself.

20 Funny Science Jokes, According to Someone Who Once Got a B-Minus in Biology

These jokes about physics, chemistry, and everything in between are scientifically proven to get a laugh.

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13 History Jokes Only History Buffs Will Understand

Test your history chops with these hilarious quips.

The 50 Funniest Jokes About All 50 States

Why are people laughing at your home state? Find out here—then give some back with these 50 jokes for 50...

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The History of the World in Dumb Jokes

Were you bored silly in civics class? Then you’ll love laughing at Socrates, Lincoln, Caesar, and more.

I Went 100 Percent Refined Carb-Free for a Month: Here’s What Happened

Giving up pasta wasn't a very pleasant experience, but in the end, it was worth it.

The Scientific Basis for Popular Folklore That Predicts the Weather

Before television, computers and smartphones, people predicted the weather based on observation and tradition. It’s hard to know if some...

This Is What It’s Like to Be a Championship Punner

Inside the hypercompetitive, sometimes 
world of 
pun competitions.

14 Hilarious Tweets Only Left-Handers Will Truly Understand

International Lefthanders Day, on August 13, celebrates lefties around the globe, and also raises awareness of the daily issues lefties...

The 10 Funniest Lines Ever from Celebrity Commencement Speeches

When celebs address a graduating class, you can expect some LOL moments. These golden nuggets of humor were as appreciated...

22 Hilarious Tweets All Book Lovers Must Read

These funny tweets about literature will make all book lovers laugh from cover to cover.

10 Hilarious Product Reviews That Will Have You Cry-Laughing

The Internet has its say on offensive, ridiculous, and just plain crazy products—and it's comedy gold.

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Which Virtual Assistant Tells the Best Jokes?

Alexa, Siri, and Cortana walk into a bar. Guess who is the funniest (even before she has a drink).

Why You’re the Worst Person In the World If You Use a Leaf Blower

Want to be a lousy neighbor? Have we got the device for you!

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10 Jokes That Prove Barack Obama Is Maybe the Funniest President Ever

Being president of the United States requires a sense of humor. We celebrate the former Comedian-in-Chief’s birthday (on August 4)...

People Shared Their Funniest Family Stories and It Got Heartwarming Real Fast

Kids—and spouses, apparently—still say the darnedest things.

12 Wise and Witty Groucho Marx Sayings That Basically Say It All

Julius Henry (Groucho) Marx was born 125 years ago on October 2, 1890. To celebrate his birthday, here are our...

What’s The Actual ‘Oldest Joke in The Book?’ We Just May Have Found It.

We read through the Philogelos—a 1,500-year-old joke book from ancient Rome—to find the answer. You'd be surprised what it is.

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Mel Brooks: His Favorite Joke and Other Funny Stories

A rare interview with the legendary Mel Brooks as he looks back on his funniest moments.

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15 Most Popular Jokes of 2010

Laugh at these reader favorites.

11 Outrageous Laws

From getting a fish drunk in Ohio to tying a giraffe to a street lamp in Georgia, these ridiculous laws...