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The Oxford English Dictionary Forgot to Include This Word for 50 Years

Thankfully, it's not a word we still use today.

The Surprising Meaning Behind These 8 Really Weird Words

Don't you just love 'petrichor'? Especially if you're one of the 'bibliobibuli' that feels especially inspired after a good storm?...

Here’s Where Your Favorite Slang Words Actually Came From

Love them or hate them, slang words help us express emotions for which no words otherwise exist. But where do...

12 Quirky Words That Don’t Have An English Translation — but Totally Should

These wonderful words from all over the world have no direct English translation or equivalent, but oh how we wish...

30 Hilarious Made Up Words You’ll Want to Start Using

Just remember, people might not understand you if you start using these.

17 Common Food Names You Probably Pronounce Wrong

Fact: 100 percent of people pronounce "sriracha" wrong.

11 International Idioms That Sound Downright Hilarious in English

If you think English idioms sound weird, try wrapping your mind around these strange phrases from other countries.

10 Trendy Words You Throw Around But Probably Don’t Understand

Who's not a woke, dystopian dotard these days? Not sure what that means? You're far from alone. Here's a round-up...

These 13 2018 Dictionary Additions Are the Hardest Words to Spell and Pronounce

Get ready, wordies! That's the new word for word-lover, but not all the new terms added to the dictionary this...

25 Words That Can Make You Instantly Funnier

Cut the malarkey. A few seconds with these words, and you'll be the funniest slangwhanger in all the land.

7 Common Words That Mean the Exact Opposite of What You Think

"Outlaw," "scan," and "irregardless"... you're using them all wrong.

10 Almost-Extinct Words You Should Start Using Right Away

Whenever the dictionary gets updated, some words face the chopping block. If you would be sad to see “skedaddle” skedaddle...

11 Adjectives Everyone Should Use More Often

Some have been pushed to the back of your vocabulary. Others are just plain fun to say. Either way, these...

11 British Words and Sayings That Everyone in the World Should Know

Oscar Wilde once said, "We have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, language." Here is your...

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8 Words and Phrases You Use That Were Made Up by Presidents

Turns out our leaders have quite the lexicons. Find out which presidents’ choice words have stuck around as part of...

The Origins of 14 Commonly Used Phrases

You use these idioms all the time, but did you ever think about where they came from?

24 Things You’ve Been Saying Wrong This Whole Time

It's hard to remember those confusing grammar rules you learned all the way back in grade school. So we rounded...

These 10 Words Don’t Mean Anything Close to What They Look Like

Think twice before you use words like “lackaday” or “nonplussed”—they may mean something quite different than what you’d assume.

This Is Why We Use %[email protected]#! to Represent Curse Words

You know exactly what those random symbols mean, but they weren't always used to hide offensive language.

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Who Exactly Is Geronimo—and Why Do We Say His Name When We Jump Off Stuff?

“Aubrey” just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

The Real Reason No Words Have the Same Letter Three Times in a Row

Some baaad news for people that like to drag out their syllables

9 Great Words You Never Knew Were Gaelic

More than 1.3 million Irish citizens still speak Gaelic—and whether you know it or not, you do too! Here are...

Shakespeare’s Longest Word Is a Whopping 27-Letters Long

Good luck finding an actor who can pronounce this.

This Spelling Test from 1974 Will Drive You Insane

Demons are real. And they write spelling tests.

The Clever Way Dictionary Editors Prank Each Other

Don’t believe every definition you read.