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    How to Preserve Old Photos: 7 Ways to Keep Antique Family Photos Looking Their Best

    Don't leave the fate of irreplaceable keepsakes to chance. Follow these guidelines to preserve your photos for many years to...

    20 Hilarious Ways Other Cultures Say, ‘When Pigs Fly!’ Around The World

    Phrases like “when pigs fly” and “when hell freezes over” are called adynata. Here, the surprising ways other cultures use...

    From Knock Knock to Yo’ Mama: 7 Classic Jokes and Their Fascinating Origins

    Classic jokes are essentially oral traditions that get passed from person to person for decades until someone decides to write...

    50 Jokes For 50 States

    Why are people laughing at your home state? Find out here—then give some back.

    Rare, Behind-the-Scenes Photos of the Beatles from ‘Help!’

    Fifty years ago, the movie Help! was released in theaters, and America and the rest of the world fell a...

    12 Wise and Witty Groucho Marx Sayings That Basically Say It All

    Julius Henry (Groucho) Marx was born 125 years ago on October 2, 1890. To celebrate his birthday, here are our...

    These Perfect Photos of Maine’s Puffins Will Give You Hope About Nature

    Animal lovers will cheer for this only-in-America, good-news story about how one man brought puffins back to a part of...

    What’s The Actual ‘Oldest Joke in The Book?’ We Just May Have Found It.

    We read through the Philogelos—a 1,500-year-old joke book from ancient Rome—to find the answer. You'd be surprised what it is.

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    20 One Liners Only Dog Owners Will Understand

    Every dog has its day—and that's basically every day if you're a dog owner!

    8 Funny Foreign Signs with Terrible Translations

    Wait... does that sign really say "Crap stick"??

    11 Rare Vintage Photos of Summer That Will Make You Glad You’re Alive Today

    The next time you're tempted to gripe about the humidity or too much air conditioning, just think of these pictures....

    7 Photos That Prove There’s Nothing Better Than Being a Dog on Cape Cod

    For our four-legged friends, heaven is a place called Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Just take a look at these crazy-happy canines...

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    11 Hilarious Restaurant Sign Fails

    Amusing, silly, and downright weird signs from eating establishments across the country.

    America’s Worst Waiters Tell You Their Valentine’s Day Secrets

    We asked the worst waiters in America for pointers on dining out on Valentine's Day. Here is their advice.

    GIF Fever: You’ve Never Seen So Many Cute Dogs (And Cats)

    Remember how the Oxford American Dictionary deemed "GIF" its word of the year?

    Signs That Make You Look Twice

    These 13 nutty notices will have you chuckling in disbelief.

    15 Funny Signs From Around the World

    Have you seen a sign more hilarious than these? Send it to us for use in an upcoming slideshow.

    Funny Signs You Won’t See in the U.S.

    You'll have to go abroad to catch these funny signs.

    21 of the Worst Presents You’ve Ever Gotten

    Everyone has gotten a rotten gift. We asked our readers to share with us the one present that had them...

    Trick or Treat! You Need to Learn These 55 Corny Halloween Jokes

    Need to tickle a skeleton’s funny bone? Try one of these.

    25 Rare, Vintage Photos of What Winter Used to Look Like

    Frigid temps dragging you down? Let these classic winter weather photos from throughout the 20th century make you feel glad...