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    24 Things You’ve Been Saying Wrong This Whole Time

    It's hard to remember those confusing grammar rules you learned all the way back in grade school. So we rounded...

    11 Outrageous Laws

    From getting a fish drunk in Ohio to tying a giraffe to a street lamp in Georgia, these ridiculous laws...

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    12 Funny Warning Signs

    When a simple "Caution" or "Beware" just won't do...

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    If God Had Texted the Ten Commandments…

    Here in text shorthand are the 10 commandments as they may appear on modern Moses' cellphone.

    These Sports Cartoons Are Real Winners

    From the NCAA tournament to NASCAR to the office football pool, you'll love these funny cartoons about sports.

    11 Funny Church Signs

    See signs from across the U.S. that will make you laugh out loud. Plus, upload your own silly sign to...

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    15 Funny Notes Found Around the U.S.

    The flotsam and jetsam of our lives can be hysterical. Read these bits of life courtesy of

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    Top 15 Jokes of 2009

    We collected the 15 most-viewed jokes on in 2009. Read them and laugh.

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    7 Funny Common Stereotypes at a Restaurant

    In a weekly blog called "In the Weeds" for, Kansas City waitress Charity Ohlund describes her favorite customer stereotypes....

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    If Your Food Could Talk…12 Funny Cartoons

    If your food came to life, how would it act? What would it say? Check out this hilarious slideshow to...

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    10 Car Cartoons

    Check out these funny cartoons about NASCAR education, wrong turns and parking woes.

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    15 Funny Back-to-School Jokes

    Jokes about teaching and learning that will make you laugh out loud.

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    10 Funny Food Quotes

    Funny observations about food and eating from Julia Child, Yogi Berra, Miss Piggy and more!

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    12 Funny Cat Cartoons

    Funny felines are the star of these hilarious cartoons showcasing the easy life of cats.

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    Cute Friend Quotes Between Cats and Dogs

    Who says cats and dogs can't get along? These readers' pictures prove Fido and Fluffy can be best friends, too.

    10 Funny Jokes About Taxes, Flowers and Warmer Weather

    Check out this sideshow of funny jokes that get you feeling the season.

    10 Unknown and Wacky May Holidays

    You know Cinco de Mayo and Memorial Day, but have you heard of Limerick Day or Root Canal Appreciation Day?...

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    9 Silly Doctor Cartoons

    Laugh at these silly cartoons about visits to the doctor's office.

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    When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Crack Wise

    My six-year-old son likes to skip. He skips everywhere. This habit makes him seem relentlessly cheerful, even though the skipping

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    Crime for Dolts

    As you watched George Clooney and Brad Pitt in Ocean’s Eleven, did you think, Hey, that’s not a bad lifestyle;

    25 Rare, Vintage Photos of What Winter Used to Look Like

    Frigid temps dragging you down? Let these classic winter weather photos from throughout the 20th century make you feel glad...

    9 Outrageous Things People Claimed to Own

    When the wealthy whine, they go all out.