5 Dairy-Free Ways to Get More Calcium

Dairy Free Calcium© Eising/Photodisc/Thinkstock
Calcium is indispensable for maintaining healthy bones, but it doesn’t all have to come from dairy products. Actually, calcium hides in some surprising places — from leafy greens to orange slices. Here’s what to toss in your grocery basket the next time you’re shopping for calcium-rich food.

Leafy green vegetables
Dark green vegetables, like spinach, contain calcium and other vitamins and minerals that are essential to good nutrition. A spinach salad or an extra serving of leafy greens at lunch gives your body the calcium boost it needs.

Fortified foods
Processed food normally gets a bad reputation, but often it’s filled with added vitamins and minerals, like calcium. Breakfast cereals are a great way to get these added nutrients, just make sure to watch for added sugar.

Everyone’s favorite citrus fruit also contains calcium. Great on-the-go, fresh orange slices will help keep your immune system and bones in top form.

A handful of almonds contains calcium and vitamin E that both support healthy nails and hair. Sprinkle them on your lunchtime salad for a satisfying, healthful crunch.

Pinto beans
Filled with protein, fiber, and calcium, pinto beans are an excellent and economical way to make your meals healthier. Try them in your next Mexican-inspired dinner or chili recipe.

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