An App to Use at Your Next Doctor’s Visit

It’s no Angry Birds or Temple Run, but the new iPad app BodyMaps will keep you busy for hours and may help improve communication with your doctor. The app features high resolution images of more than 1,000 body parts, tissues, bones and organs and 200 videos about various medical conditions and treatments.

Using the app is like taking a guided tour through the body. But its coolest feature, as James Hamblin, MD, points out in a recent blog post, is the user’s ability to draw on the anatomical illustrations with his or her finger. (“Here’s where it hurts, doc!”)

The cost of the app is a little steep—$8.99 gets you the male or female anatomy, and it’s $14.99 for both—but, whether you’re a budding anatomy buff or a patient whose doctor’s handwriting requires this to understand, it may be worth it. Says Hamblin, “It’s the best basic anatomy resource I’ve seen.”

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