3 Thoughts on Eyelash Growers

You’ve no doubt seen the ads with Brooke Shields touting Latisse a new eyelash-enhancing drug advertised. And maybe you have seen some others that you can buy over the counter. We wondered if they worked. So for a recent story at the Today show 3 of us tried 3 different brands to see if we would have luxurious lashes. Here’s what we found:

1. Latisse was the winner by far. A prescription-only drug that must be used every night for several months, it yielded fantastic results. The drug’s effect on lashes was found by accident. It was orginally prescribed to help glaucoma patients, but those who used it found their lashes grew fuller and darker. There are potential side effects: burning and iris discoloration. My friend Shane used the product and had no problems. The downside? It’s an expensive habit at $120 a month. And once you stop using it, your lashes will eventually go back to their natural state.

2. neuLash did well. It’s a product that can be purchased at high-end department stores or online at $150 a pop. You need to use neuLash nightly for three months. My friend Janet used it and loved it. Friends thought she was wearing false eyelashes when she attend a wedding recently.

3. Rapidlash was the least expensive product at $50 for a one to two month supply. Like the others, it also needs to be applied nightly over a clean eyelid. I got to try Rapidlash and saw slight improvements. My producer Andrea used it as well and she had a great experience. The company recommends using it for four to six weeks for best results.

Dr. Robert Bernstein, a hair restoration specialist, says the over-the-counter products work by “conditioning” the lashes, making them appear lusher. He says it’s like using conditioner on your hair; the follicles are coated and thus look healthier and thicker. Bernstein says Latisse works differently, because it changes the molecular structure of the hair cells.

So is Latisse worth $120 a month? The company says you might be able to get away with using it every other day after you have reached your eyelash goals. So that brings it down to $60 a month. Hmm… is it worth giving up your daily latte in exchange for thicker lashes? Only you can decide.

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