18 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas You Can Master Before the Big Night

The best part? You can wear them with clothes you already own.


YouTube/Desi Perkins

Get fierce with this super simple lioness tutorial by Desi Perkins. (Here's how you can match your child for Halloween!) Master the look with a golden smoky eye, a bit of highlighter and shimmery bronzer, and a crisp cat nose and lip. These are the 9 types of people you see every Halloween.


Harley Quinn


Take a cue from Suicide Squad and head out as Harley Quinn, courtesy this colorful how-to by NikkieTutorials. Give these adult Halloween costumes that basically anyone can DIY a try.

Half skull


If you're a regular makeup pro, try this involved look by Roxxsaurus. All you'll need is a palette of black and white face paint and a precision makeup brush. Watch these beyond-scary Halloween movies to put you in the right mood.


YouTube/Desi Perkins

Vamp it up with this blacked-out smoky eye and red lip by Desi Perkins. Finish the look with a temporary vampire-bite tattoo and fake blood. Throw on a simple black outfit and you're ready to go. These scary vampire legends are actually true.

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YouTube/Eyedolize Makeup

Get superhero chic with this Batman look by Eyedolize Makeup. A yellow smoky eye and a bit of face paint is all that stands between you and this simple getup. Also decorate your house to get in the spooky spirit with these Halloween decorations.


YouTube/Melissa Alatorre

Who knew you could create realistic mermaid fins using a fishnet stocking and a colorful eyeshadow palette? Melissa Alatorre does. This simple makeup is as creative as it is achievable. Try out this look on your kids and get inspired by these cheap DIY kid Halloween costumes as well.

Poison Ivy

YouTube/Carli Bybel

Grab a palette of green shadows and give this look by Carli Bybel a try. Finish the costume with a red wig and a green frock and you'll be the most well-dressed villainess at the party.


1920's flapper girl

YouTube/Michelle Phan

Take this classic last-minute costume up a notch with historically accurate makeup. Michelle Phan has you covered on all things old-school smokey eye and wine stained lips. This is a great costume to wear with your significant other. Also give these other creative couple costumes a try.

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YouTube/Kandee Johnson

Got a blonde wig and a hot pink outfit? You might want to give this look by Kandee Johnson a try. Simply slap on a showstopping lipgloss and steal Johnson's genius trick for recreating Barbie's iconic eyelashes.


YouTube/Jantien Blom

This webbed look by Jantien Blom might look complicated, but we promise you won't need superpowers to master it. With a steady hand (and maybe a few Q-Tips dipped in makeup remove to smooth out any mistakes) you'll be party-ready in no time. Check out this awesome life advice from your favorite superheroes.

Rainbow fish


Model your Halloween look after one of the most stunningly illustrated children's books of all time. This look, pioneered here by ShelingBeauty, is as unique as it is recognizable. While you're at it, check out these thought-provoking quotes from kid's books.


YouTube/pollyanne b

This classic Halloween zombie look by Pollyanne B requires little more than a tube of red lipstick and a black eye shadow palette.

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HalloweenYOUTUBE/Nicole Renard
Complete your costume as your favorite safari animal with this simple and fun makeup look. Nicole Renard shows you how to complete the look with makeup you most likely have in your beauty collection already. Put your hair up in two elongated buns at the top of your head to represent horns.


HalloweenYOUTUBE/Lucy Garland
Haven't you always wanted to just mess around with all of your makeup? Well, for this costume you can, and say that you're graffiti. Lucy Garland demonstrates an organized way to make your face look like a building wall with graffiti on it. Read up on these facts about Halloween candy before you hit the streets for trick-or-treating.


If you have gold accessories and dark hair dress up as Cleopatra this Halloween and pair it with this makeup look. Follow Youtuber ilovesarahii as she creates this extravagant look.


HalloweenYOUTUBE/Daisy Marquez
Whether you want to call yourself Bambi or the Snapchat filter this is a simple costume you can throw together at the last minute. Daisy Marquez shows you just how easy it is to complete the look with a face of makeup.

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Pop Art

HalloweenYOUTUBE/Jacky Oh
This idea is fun, creative, and can be paired with a colorful outfit that you already own. The look can be done in a lot of different ways, Jacky Oh demonstrates how.


HalloweenYOUTUBE/Josie K
Lions, and tigers, and bears, oh my! Create a cute scarecrow look a go as the character from the Wizard of Oz or get a little spookier and follow Josie K's makeup tutorial.

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