Other Uses for Medicine Cabinet Staples

Every medicine cabinet is filled with similar items: cotton balls, aspirin, Q-tips. Here are a few different ways you can put those items to use.

1. Baby Oil – It does everything from staving off an earache to making bandage removal painless.

2. Bubble Bath – Hand soap too drying? Decant bubble bath into a container and keep it on the sink.

3. Chest Rub – Massage into your tired feet for a quick pick-me-up.

4. Cotton Balls – Soak them in bleach and clean out the gunky crevices in your bathroom and kitchen.

5. Cotton Swabs – Substitute a swab for an eye shadow applicator.

6. Deodorant – Sweaty palms? Rub some antiperspirant into your hands and never be nervous again.

7. Hair Spray – Mosquito bites giving you an itch? One quick blast of hair spray will kill the sting.

8. Lip Balm – Dry nose? Rub a dab of lip balm on it the way mountain climbers do, and you’ll feel better.

9. Mouthwash – Wash your toothbrushes instead, by soaking them for a few minutes every day.

10. Toothbrush – Bushy eyebrows? Spritz a spare toothbrush with hair spray and use it to tame them.

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