8 No-Heat Hairstyles to Wake Up with Great Hair Tomorrow

Literally do your hair while you sleep.

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Use some tubes

01-No-Heat-Hairstyles-You-Can-Do-in-Your-SleepCourteys Kayley Melissa/youtubeUnlike hard, plastic curlers, these soft flexi rods let you lie down comfortably. Best of all, you’ll wake up to smooth, frizz-free curls. Learn how from Kayley Melissa, and check out these genius ways to tame frizz.

Put an old T-shirt to use

02-No-Heat-Hairstyles-You-Can-Do-in-Your-SleepCourteys Kayley Melissa/youtube

Get red carpet-worthy curls overnight with this easy, peasy method. No need to buy any new products either—Kayley Melissa uses an old T-shirt to achieve these gorgeous locks. Don't miss these other tricks for gorgeous air-dried hair.

Try a heatless blow-out

03-No-Heat-Hairstyles-You-Can-Do-in-Your-SleepCourteys Whitney White/Naptural85/Youtube

You don’t need a blowdrier to get mega volume. Days-old hair gets new life with this tutorial from Naptural85. While you go heat-free, keep your hair dryer for these life hacks using a blowdrier.

Get sleek curls

04-No-Heat-Hairstyles-You-Can-Do-in-Your-SleepCourteys Whitney White/Naptural85/Youtube

A twist-out technique and perm rods are the secret to getting these sleek, bouncy curls. Unlike with hot rollers, you can rest easy knowing you won’t do any heat damage. Head over to Naptural85 for the directions. Try these other ways to curl hair without a curling iron.

Use an old scarf

06-No-Heat-Hairstyles-You-Can-Do-in-Your-SleepCourtesy Beautyklove/youtube

Put an old scarf to good use by using it to achieve these gorgeous curls. Find out how to recreate the look from Beautyklove. Don't miss these styling tips for curly hair.

Get mermaid hair

05-No-Heat-Hairstyles-You-Can-Do-in-Your-SleepCourtesy Beautyklove/youtube Korean Mool Gyul waves look elegant and defined, and you don’t need a curling iron to get the look. Find out how foam tools can create this overnight hair from Beautyklove, and stop making this nighttime hair mistakes.

Perfect your bun-to-curls look

07-No-Heat-Hairstyles-You-Can-Do-in-Your-SleepCourtesy The Beauty Snoop

You know how your hair sometimes looks fantastic when you take out a bun, and other times you’d be embarrassed to be seen? Megan Moore shows the best technique for a making bun that creates curls you’d be proud to show off.

Look like Charlie’s Angels

08-No-Heat-Hairstyles-You-Can-Do-in-Your-SleepCourtesy @heidimariegarrett/instagramWake up with bouncy waves by pinning your hair up with basic prong clips. Get the detailed instructions from Heidi Marie Garrett.

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