10 Best Gifts to Give Yourself When You’re Single on Valentine’s Day

Instead of being in the anti-Valentine's Day camp, why not celebrate all the love you have in your life already—even if it's not romantically inclined? Here, some gift ideas that will spark hope, imagination, and gratitude.

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A weekly motto

mottovia amazon.com

After another awkward date leaves you questioning why you left the comfort of your apartment and Netflix to begin with, you might need a pick-me-up to get you swiping left-and-right again. Enter: these beautifully-crafted Feel the Love Transformation Cards that aim to help you cultivate a positive mindset, no matter what roadblocks are tossed in your direction. Pull out a new card each week to help maintain a positive mindset. (Our free Valentine’s Day guide is packed with quick tips and sweet ideas to celebrate the holiday, whether you’re single and doing Galentine’s Day or coupled up for decades.)

A bracelet with a subtle reminder

braceletvia amazon.com

You don't need to wait on a mate to buy yourself jewelry or to have a reminder of love that hangs within your daily view. That's why we love this Alex & Ani bracelet, featuring a heart that's a subtle reminder that love is always near. Even better: The heart reads "Heart of Strength," because that's surely what you have.

A box of love

boxvia heysoul.com

As you watch your co-workers get showered with flowers and listen to your bestie brag about her romantic date night plans, try not to roll your eyes. Instead, practice some self-love. This "Love is All You Need" gift box will help you stay inwardly focused, complete with a tea pack, a mini plush heart-shaped pillow, origami love quotes, and more.

Sparkly glitter-y bubbly

bubblyvia onehopewine.com

Having a Galentine's celebration with your faves? Nothing says bubbly better than a bedazzled bottle, right? As you pop open and pour the One Hope Wine fizzy, take a moment to celebrate what already sparkles in your life: your friendships. After all, partners come and go, but it's your ladies that will always be by your side. (Plus, each bottle provides 15 meals to a child in need.) Psst: Once you've topped off the bottle in record-setting time, rinse it out and buy yourself some flowers to sit in your window! Here are 10 more ways to have the best Galentine's Day ever.

A little reminder

remindervia onlyinbeverlyhills.com

If you killed it in your last meeting with your boss, managed to cycle harder than you ever have before in spin class, and somehow managed to prep healthy meals for the week, why are still defining yourself by your lack of relationship status? As this simple make-up pouch reminds you, you're amazing, and never forget it!

Heart bangle

banglevia francescas.com

When you're on a date that's going surprisingly well, you might want to calm your nerves (hey, we've been there, felt that), and having a gold bangle to glance at might do this. We love the sweet design and how you can turn the heart (and thus the love) toward your new found interest, or yourself. Rather boycott the day? Here are seven ways to do exactly that.

An accent reminder

accentvia francescas.com

There are all sorts of different ways to be loved, and they don't all include the double-tap of approval from someone on Tinder (or any of those other dating apps out there). It can be tough at times to consider the people in your life who shower you with love—from your parents to your best friends who Gchat through your meltdowns at the drop of a hat—so let this wall decor serve as your nudge to be thankful for them all. Always.

Spray it on

sprayvia fragrancenet.com

Got your keys? Check. Your wallet? Done. Put on deodorant? Yep. But what about perfume? Enter this fruity, warm scent from Vera Wang, appropriately called "Lovestruck" to remind you that every single time you head out the door, you're making your way toward a new adventure. That, yes, could lead you directly to love. Find out how to make your scent last all day long.

Wrap up in love


As you build your apartment or house as a single-something, you get the luxury of choosing each and every item that makes it a home. Instead of merely buying placeholder items that fill in the time before you become part of a pair, make an investment in the quality of decor, bedding, and more that'll make you feel comfortable and lavish. One place to start on Valentine's Day? Wrap yourself up in these plush and modern towels from Parachute. Check out these tips to make towels last longer.

Flowers that last


Who said you can't buy yourself flowers on the reg? If a weekly bouquet buy isn't in your budget, consider sending yourself a plant, like this gorgeous orchid, that will last far beyond seven days. In addition to bringing extra oxygen to your space, plants have been known to increase your happiness levels and give you just enough responsibility to feel accomplished when they flourish and bloom. Find out what your favorite flower reveals about you.

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