Soak Up 8 New Uses for Bath Oil

Remove glue from labels or bandages
Get rid of those sticky leftover adhesive marks from bandages, price tags, and labels. Rub them away with a bit of bath oil applied to a cotton ball. It works great on glass, metal, and most plastics.

Use as a hot-oil treatment
Heat 1/2 cup bath oil mixed with 1/2 cup water on High in your microwave for 30 seconds. Place the solution in a deep bowl and soak your fingers or toes in it for 10-15 minutes to soften cuticles or calluses. After drying, use a pumice stone to smooth over calluses or a file to push down cuticles. Follow up by rubbing in hand cream until fully absorbed.

Loosen chewing gum from hair and carpeting
If your child comes home with chewing gum in his or her hair — or tracks a wad onto your rug or carpet — hold off on reaching for the scissors. Instead, rub a liberal amount of bath oil into the gum. It should loosen it up enough to comb out. On a carpet, test the oil on an inconspicuous area before applying to the spot.

Remove scuff marks
You can get those annoying scuff marks off your patent-leather shoes or handbags. Apply a bit of bath oil to a clean, soft cloth or towel. Gently rub in the oil, then polish with another dry towel.

Soften a new baseball glove
Apply several drops of bath oil in the midsection of the glove and a few more drops under each finger. Lightly spread the oil around with a soft cloth. Place a baseball in the pocket of the glove and fold the glove over the ball, keeping it in place with one or two belts or an Ace bandage. Let it sit for a couple of days, then release the constraints and remove any excess oil with a clean cloth. The glove should be noticeably more pliable.

Clean grease or oil from skin
It doesn’t take much tinkering around the inside of a car or mower engine to get your hands coated in grease or oil. But before you reach for any heavy-duty grease removers, try this: Rub bath oil onto your hands, then wash them in warm, soapy water. It works, and it’s a lot easier on skin than harsh chemicals.

Revitalize vinyl upholstery
Give your car’s dreary-looking vinyl upholstery a makeover by using a small amount of bath oil on a soft cloth to wipe down the seats, dashboard, armrests, and other surfaces. Polish with a clean cloth to remove any excess oil. As an added bonus, a scented bath oil will make the interior smell better, too.

Slide together pipe joints
Can’t find the all-purpose lubricating oil or the WD-40 when you’re trying to join pipes together? No problem. A few drops of bath oil should provide sufficient lubrication to fit pipe joints together with ease.

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