5 Old-Time Cures That Can Kill

5 Old-Time Cures That Can Kill
As RD’s health editor, I’m always on the lookout for clever home cures for everyday aches and pains. So I was shocked to uncover some of the doozies on this Mental Floss list of wildly dangerous home remedies from a book published—by a doctor!—in 1910.

Next time you experience the following symptoms, be thankful for a century’s worth of scientific advances (and, of course, file these under “don’t try this at home”).

Stuffy nose: Spritz it with a spray of a 4 percent cocaine solution, or soak a cotton ball in a stronger solution and place it in the nostril.

Croup: Give your baby a spoonful of sugar soaked in kerosene (to help induce vomiting).

Hair loss: Rub into your scalp a blend of almond oil, rosemary extract, wine, distilled water, and mercury bichloride each morning (yes, the same mercury that can poison and kill you).

Sunburn: Soothe reddened skin with a mix of cornstarch, oat flour, and lead carbonate (!!!)

Sore throat: Mix together a half-pint each of olive oil, ammonia, and turpentine, plus one egg. Shake until thick, then apply to your neck until it blisters.

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