Why Am I Sick Again? 4 Health Problems That Can Feel Worse During Summer

It's summertime and the livin' should be easy, but a number of health concerns can flare up or hit you harder when the weather gets warmer. If you've been noticing symptoms getting worse, talk to your doctor.



Summer viruses are only 25 percent as common as winter ones, but they're typically caused by a different kind of germ (called an enterovirus), which can bring on stomachaches in addition to respiratory symptoms. Vigorous exercise can make you more susceptible, so ease into workouts.

Nighttime Leg Cramps


These pains are about twice as common during summer, according to a new study. Motor neurons in your legs may undergo changes during the summer that make cramping more likely. Stay hydrated and talk to your doctor about your drug regimen. Certain medications, such as diuretics, exacerbate cramps.



Warmer months can worsen this skin condition, an inflammation characterized by extreme redness and rashes. Flare-ups can be more frequent and last longer. Aloe and topical probiotics can help soothe skin, says New York University physician Roshini Raj, MD, co-founder of TULA skin care.

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Autoimmune Diseases


Many multiple sclerosis patients find that heat makes their symptoms worse. In fact, an old test for MS was putting a patient in a hot bath. If the person developed neurological symptoms, MS could be diagnosed. For about 70 percent of people with lupus, sunlight can trigger skin rashes, fatigue, and joint pain. Cover up with lightweight pants, shirts with sleeves, a hat, and sunscreen.

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