21-Day Tummy Diet Success Stories

Our testers collectively lost 90 pounds and 29 belly inches in just three weeks on the 21-Day Tummy plan, and improved their digestion too! Read their diet success stories here.

Liz Vaccariello
Steve Vaccariello

Liz Vaccariello
Lost: 10 pounds and 3 1/2 belly inches in 21 days!
Favorite Meals: Tomato-Ginger Flank Steak; Curry-Rubbed Chicken with Fresh Pineapple Chutney; Hearty Roasted Vegetable Soup

The 21-Day Tummy diet works. How do I know?

Because I did it myself and I lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks. More important: I feel 100 percent healthy. My symptoms disappeared almost immediately and I haven’t seen them since! Now that I know what my particular problem foods are, I can avoid them. That way, I remain lean, healthy, and happy: My digestion problems are a thing of the past, and so is that extra pooch.

To round out the experience, I recruited 11 colleagues, friends, and readers to try the diet with me. The grand tally of our weight loss in 3 weeks: 90 pounds! Our testers shed 29 inches collectively from their waists (that’s a lot of belly fat), and every one of them reported improved digestion.

I’m amazed at how great eating this way makes me feel. I’m sleeping like a baby, I’m bounding with energy, my skin has taken on a glow, and I swear my hair is growing faster (is that possible?). But the best part? My digestion is regular, and I don’t feel crampy and bloated anymore. I’ve always eaten healthfully, but this specific combination of high magnesium, low-sugar, high-fiber, and carb-light foods works for my system in a way I’ve never felt before. God willing, I’ve found my solution.

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Liz Vaccariello
Steve Vaccariello

My advice for following the plan? Embrace the planning and food prep that’s involved in the first weeks of the plan. The results you’ll experience are worth the investment of time and energy. I quickly lost the ten pounds that had crept onto my frame. And I now go through most days without even a hint of the pain and discomfort that had plagued me daily. Here’s to your happy and healthy tummy!

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