7 Signs You Could Be Addicted to Food

7 Signs You Could Be Addicted to Food
Food addiction is a hot—and controversial—topic in the weight loss and brain science communities these days. While some experts reject the idea that food can be addictive like alcohol or cigarettes, Tara Parker-Pope recently shared in her New York Times column some of the fascinating science behind the notion that food addiction is very real.

A study of children at the Oregon Research Institute suggested that those who are regular ice-cream eaters may need more and more of the sweet stuff over time to satisfy their brains’ reward centers. In another example, sugar-loving rats showed symptoms similar to those of opioid withdrawal, including chattering teeth and shaky paws, when their sugar was taken away.

The Times column was accompanied by a seven-question quiz about food addiction based on questions developed by Yale researchers. Take it and let us know—do you think you could have a problem with food addiction?

In our own review of nutrition science for our weight-loss plan The Digest Diet, we discovered that processed foods like cookies, chips and frozen meals  may make us more prone to addiction, a point Parker-Pope also makes. What foods trigger your cravings?


Photo Credit: Photo by manda_wong/Flickr Commons

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