Dr. Oz to Governors: Have More Sex, Eat More Nuts, Start Potato Chip Buyback Programs

Dr. Oz to Governors: Have More Sex, Eat More Nuts, Start Potato Chip Buyback Programs
Mehmet Oz, MD, certainly spiced up the National Governor Association’s annual winter meeting this week with some pearls of health wisdom for the leaders personally and for their states. Among them:

Get busy more often. “The average American is intimate once a week,” Oz said in his speech. “If you could go from once a week to twice a week—which is very achievable for this highly-performing group of individuals—we would actually increase your life expectancy three years, and it would be a lot more fun.”

Incentivize healthy eating: Oz half-jokingly suggested states start potato chip buyback programs (like gun swaps) and pay income tax refunds with organic vegetables.

Penalize smokers: Not hiring smokers will reduce health care budgets by 15 percent, Oz told governors. In a follow-up interview with HuffingtonPost Live, he said that companies should have the right to ask potential employees whether they smoke. As a practicing cardiothoracic surgeon, he also said in the follow-up that he wouldn’t operate on smokers because the time to encourage them to quit is before the surgery.

Go nuts: Oz encouraged the group to snack on nuts, which help reduce hunger and how much you eat at mealtimes.

Break out the tape measure: “Measure the waist of the people who live in your state,” Oz said (your waist being the circumference around your belly button—not your belt size). If it’s more than half your height, then you have too much belly fat, which causes hypertension, poisons your liver, and causes diabetes—all huge expenses for states.

Cut back on sugar: Detailing the harms of our love affair with the sweet stuff, Oz said that fructose, a type of sugar, causes chemical changes in the brain that make people forget to feel full and eat up to 125 extra calories.

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