Red Pepper: The Hottest New Secret to Losing Weight?

A new study by Purdue University researchers supports the idea that making small changes to your diet can contribute to meaningful weight loss.

And the latest small change to consider is an easy one, at least if your taste buds can handle it. It turns out ordinary cayenne pepper is a potent weight loss tool. In a six-week study of 25 non-overweight adults, two Purdue researchers found cayenne helped increase study participants’ body temperatures and the amount of calories they burned. Interestingly, study subjects who reported they did not prefer or regularly use the spice before the test got the biggest benefits: reduced appetites and a decreased craving for salty, fatty, or sweet foods.

Researchers believe the non-cayenne fans got a bigger boost from the hot stuff because when a stimulus is unfamiliar (in this case the spiciness of the hot red pepper) it’s likely to have greater efficacy. Study directors think this concept of novelty is worth exploring because it could help dieters determine how long eating a certain amount of food will help them to lose weight, before having to adjust the amount for continued effectiveness.

In theory, the concept of novelty in dieting supports other weight loss and fitness programs, such as the “muscle confusion” of P90X and the phenomena Women’s Health magazine calls muscle memory.

Read the full red pepper story at to find out how much pepper researchers think could help promote weight loss.

The bottom line: Jogging your fitness routine forces your body to adapt, so the same concept may hold true for your diet.

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Source: Purdue University

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