Drink Too Much Last Night? Blame the Glass

Over-imbibers take note: It turns out your beer glass may be responsible for how fast you down your drink.

A new study from researchers at the UK’s University of Bristol found that people who drink beer from curvy glasses consume their brews about twice as fast as those drinking from straight glasses.

The reason? Researchers hypothesize that when we drink, we unconsciously gauge how much alcohol we’ve ingested by how much is left in the glass. Curvy glasses distort the appearance of the liquid, making it harder to see how much you’ve really downed.

For the study, researchers served 159 male and female subjects a half pint of either beer or soda in one of the two types of glasses (curvy or straight) and asked them to drink at their own pace. Although the soda drinkers finished their beverages around the same time, beer-drinking subjects took 11 minutes to finish from a straight glass but only seven minutes from a curved one. Researchers concluded that straight glasses slow drinking time by almost 60 percent.

So next time you beer of choice is set down in a curvy glass, remember to take it slow, savor the flavor, and enjoy your company.

Photo credit: © iStockphoto/Thinkstock

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