13 Things Your Aerobics Instructor Won’t Tell You

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1. Follow my lead.

I get aggravated when students do a different workout than the one I’m teaching -- and they're in the front row! You come to class but choose to do your own thing... really, what's the point?!

2. It takes a lot to be entertaining, funny, and likeable

all while trying to motivate people to do things that will cause them pain. I think the 80’s thong leotards and side-ponytails gave aerobics instructors a bad rap. We’re also not all super bubbly and rail-thin.

3. Leave your cell at home.

Can you not exercise for an hour without checking your text messages?

4. Yes, I’ve embarrassed myself.

I was chewing gum while teaching and it flew out and stuck onto the mirror in front of me during class. Oh, and it was bright green!

5. Coffee's my friend.

When I don’t feel like teaching I have a GIANT cup of coffee. I usually don't feel like teaching when I’m tired or run down, so caffeine usually does the trick. And if that fails, keep smiling. As the saying goes, fake it ‘til you make it!

6. Preparing is a lot of work!

Pre-choreographed classes, like BodyPump and Turbo Kickboxing, take hours of prep. We’re sent materials every 6 weeks and we have to review and learn all the music and choreography before we teach it to you.

7. Stop weighing yourself constantly.

Newbies expect miracles without realizing that while
the added muscle may not make the scale drop, it will bring the pants' size down. But you can’t change your physique simply by working out; 80
percent of any change and fat loss is the result of a clean diet.

8. I wish you’d be more vocal

when you’ve had a great workout, but save the moaning, grunts, and other weird noises for home.

9. Music matters.

When I want you to work hard, I use really upbeat songs with pounding bass. If we’re doing something that requires a slower tempo, I turn it down. If the music sucks it doesn't matter how high energy or good the instructor is. It’s also about what I like. If it’s not something I’d work out to, it never makes it to the class playlist.

10. Dress appropriately.

Ladies, consider wearing a cami or additional liner under your low cut Lululemon or Lucy yoga tops. I get an eyeful I really don't wish to see when you're in downward dog. And guys, don’t forget your liner shorts! I don’t want to see anything poking through your gym shorts in class!

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