Are You Walking Correctly?

Using good form when you walk will increase the amount of fat and calories you burn, and help prevent muscle and joint pain. Here are 6 tips to keep in mind when walking:

1. Stand tall with your spine elongated and your breastbone lifted. This allows room for your lungs to fully expand. Use the basic rule of good posture: Keep the top of your head as high as you can get it without standing on your toes.

2. Keep your head straight with your eyes focused forward and your shoulders relaxed. Don’t let your shoulders slump or hunch toward your ears.

3. Roll your feet from heel to toe. If you hear a slapping sound as you walk, you are probably landing on your full foot, not rolling through your step.

4. As you speed up, take smaller, more frequent steps, rather than longer steps. This protects your knees and gives your butt a good workout.

5. Allow your arms to swing freely. No need to do any unnatural pumping; do what feels right.

6. Firm your tummy and flatten your back as you walk to prevent low back pain.

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