The Very Best Sports Bras for Every Type of Workout

When it comes to working out, there's definitely no one-style-fits-all option.

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Yoga calls for comfort rather than coverage

fizkes/Shutterstock, via aloyoga.comWe don't know about you, but we think half of the fun of doing yoga is getting dressed for it. "Finding the right bra for yoga is tricky," says Katie Dunlop of Love Sweat Fitness. "With so many different asanas, you really have to know what you're getting yourself into to make sure everything stays put—especially if you plan on spending time upside down. Since it's typically a low-impact workout, you don't need support as much as you need coverage. I love the Jubilee Bra from Alo Yoga. It has a high-neck crop with removable cups to give every girl just what they need," she says.

Boxing sports bras require breathability

Pressmaster, via"I don't think I've ever sweat as much as when I've taken boxing classes!" Dunlop shares. "The Adidas CMMTTD Chill Bra is the best if you're heading into the ring, as you're going to want serious support and something that breathes. It has light pads and forms to your body with adjustable straps. This makes it great for high-impact exercises (especially for larger chests), and it has "climachill" technology to help cool your body down as you start to heat up," she explains.

When weight lifting, your sports bra needs flexibility

kurhan/Shutterstock, via reebok.comMany women make the mistake of wearing a cute bralette beneath their workout tank when they plan on completing a weightlifting session. However, just because this exercise isn't cardio doesn't mean you should forego changing into a sports bra. "If you plan to keep both feet on the ground during weight training (i.e. no box jumps or super set sprints), you'll be fine rocking a comfortable low-impact bra like the Public Myth Bring it On Mesh Sports Bra. It's super cute!" Dunlop shares. "For the ladies crushing it in a CrossFit-style workout, try a medium to high-support bra like one from the CrossFit line at Reebok. I particularly love the Skinny Double Strap Sports Bra."

Running is all about chest support

Martin-Novak/Shutterstock, via victoriassecret.comTrying to run while your breasts are bouncing around is the most distracting, frustrating, and uncomfortable experience—and it's a huge running mistake. To avoid it, it's better to wear a sports bra that's slightly too snug than too loose. "Go high-impact [with your sports bra] when running," Dunlop says. "My absolute favorite bra for running is the Victoria's Secret Sport Incredible Front-Close Sports Bra. It has soft underwire with a front closing latch and zip to really keep the girls in place," she says.

Walking isn't a free pass for sports bras

WAYHOME-studio/Shutterstock, via gap.comWalking isn't a serious sport, right? Um, wrong! No matter the pace of your walk, your body will thank you for choosing supportive workout gear over your everyday clothes. "Whether you are casually walking the beach or taking a more serious, Olympic-speed walking style, you'll want a medium-impact bra," says Dunlop. "While walking involves less impact that running, there is still a bounce factor you want to avoid. GapFit has some adorable medium-impact bras that are soft and comfortable, with the support you need at a great price."

Cycling surprisingly suits low-impact options

wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock, via lornajane.comSoul Cycle isn't for the faint of heart. However, despite the fact that you'll quickly be dripping in sweat, cycling (both stationary and on the road) puts essentially no strain on your chest. The rest of your body, on the other hand, will seriously feel the burn. "Spin is great because you can literally wear anything!" Dunlop says. "Since you spend most of the class seated or barely moving up and down, a low-impact bra will be just fine. The great news is that low impact bras tend to have the cutest cuts and styles, since they don't need to be majorly functional. I love everything from Lorna Jane, and this Tranquility Sports Bra is awesome for a class like spin."

Dancing definitely requires a sports bra that straps you down

Undrey/Shutterstock, carbon38.comOut of every aerobic activity, dancing workouts involve the most intensive upper body movement, so you need to dress for total support. "If you've ever taken a cardio dance class, you know there can be a whole lot of jumping and shoulder shimmies," Dunlop says. "Find a comfortable, high-impact bra with breathability like the Carbon38 SOHO Sports Bra. It's functional and stylish so you can feel confident shaking those hips in the mirror!"

Pilates sports bras are all about the looks

Iryna-Inshyna/Shutterstock, Belforte-via-revolve.comMuch like yoga, Pilates doesn't require much (if any) bouncing around or rapid chest movement, so you really don't need a high-functioning, cardio sports bra. Instead, feel free to dress up your workout outfit to look your most stylish before Pilates. We can't get enough of the Beloforte Lace Up Sports Bra. It's fun, high-fashion, and basically feels like lingerie that peeks through your workout top, without losing all support.

For everyday wear, make sure your sports bra smooths your back

Ann-Haritonenko/Shutterstock, via shapeez.comIt doesn't matter how long you've tried to resist this trend; athleisure is very much in and here to stay! So whether you're running errands or meeting a friend for breakfast smoothies, make sure your sports bra offers as much support as an underwire bra, without detracting from your outfit. We love The Sportee sports bra from Shapeeze, which matches with everything and has an elongated cut to smooth over any problematic back fat. Since it doubles as stylish shapewear, you'll never have to worry about unflattering back bulges.

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